March 7, 2011

Marvelous... MONDAY!

Hmmm, now whats 'marvelous'???
These flowers, ah, they remind me that spring is here! {ahem} should, be here.It's 34 degrees outside, AND sunny, so I guess it's pretty nice... not helping my point ;)

This book I'm currently reading, is delightfull. It's about a girl who starts a dress shop in a small town, J.T. Tucker does not at all like the idea of her being there - he thinks dress shops are sinfull and tempting to women, a stumbling block in they're road - but, maybe he's wrong? 
Also if you liked this book you may like:
1. Ladys of Liberty [series] - Tracie Peterson  
2. The Broadmoor Legacy [series] - Tracie Peterson & Judith Miller

Sorry about the post being so short! Only 2 pictures... sadness...

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