July 9, 2011

just think

Read this book. Yes you, right now. Alright first I'll tell you some about it. [warning it's a, yes, love story] Well this book will make you laugh, you will be sad at times and happy at others you might even cry. It also has inspired me to be a better person, maybe it will you to... The main girl is named Jamie, she is someone i wish i could be more like,she's sweet and doesn't care at all what others think. Did you hear that? Yes, AMAZING. Now how many teenagers you know can you say that about. Right now your probably saying "it's a book, she's not real" but whatever. I should also tell you that girls will most likely enjoy this more than guys.

How is it that Nicholas Sparks writes so many awesome love story's and they all turn into awesome movies
  • The Notebook
  • A walk to remember
  • Dear John
  • The last song
  • ... i might be forgetting some

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