October 31, 2010

Audition {tips}

As some of you know i recently auditioned for a theater company, [and got a callback] but then i got a email saying i didn't get in :( i just wanted to give you some tips though if you ever audition for anything, i am not an expert but here's some hints:

[and there is no order of importance]

1. Be excited! everyone has nerves, but you only have them because this is so special and you are excited so turn those nerves into excitement and keep thinking how fun this will be to do something you love. 

2. Remember [if its not a private audition] all the other kids in the room are probably nervous to, so encourage one another!

3. Love your monologue! you will be practicing allot and you really want to get into it, try to pick one where the character is your same gender, and around the same age.

4. SMILE! stand tall and smile! appearance is important to!

5. be loud even if your the only one, be very loud [but not shouting/mean] they want to see what you've got, and they can always tell you to lower it. 

6. When you are reciting your monologue or song, pick one spot in the room [maybe a little bit above the director] and focus on it. Don't look the director in the eyes, it will make you more nervous. 

I hope these tips will be helpful to those of you who are auditioning for a play or are in one!! I would also love to hear about your acting experiences, if you have any please tell me about them in a comment. Thanks for visiting my blog, come back soon!

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