November 21, 2010

Epic Edits

Hello all. I only have one epic edit for today :( and that is...

... Lilacs! Ahem, "pretty" lilacs

I edited this photo using picnik its a really nice [and free] editing site if you are looking to edit. I took this picture in our neighbors yard, it had just rained and i looked outside and saw these beautiful [originally purple] lilacs covered with raindrops. It was very pretty so i grabbed my camera and ran outside, hoping to catch the beautiful site! Originally this picture wasn't so nice, but after editing it i think it turned out pretty well, an epic edit!

If you would like to join in the fun, please do so! All you have to do is make a post with one or more photos you have edited, and label it "Epic Edits". Then leave a post with a link to your blog, you don't have to but if you do I [and anyone who visits my blog] will be able to see it!

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