December 19, 2010

Our Christmas tree {bokeh}

Christmas Tree Bokeh

1) This is a picture of our Christmas tree, which was taken by me. Although you cannot tell, because of the blurriness, our tree is a pretend, fake, NOT real, tree... I guess it's better than none. I prefer real trees, big evergreens! Those are my favorite, we have had real trees in the past, this year... Mr. Pretend came  to visit.  
2) Your most likely wondering what FratinsPhotography is... Now as many of you know, I am not a "official" photographer. FratinsPhotography is just sort of a way to tell you that I was the one who captured the picture. In the distant future though, it may be greater than that, we'll shall see!


  1. Really nice photo! I think it was a really good idea to blur the focus of your camera... I wish I thought of that for our Christmas tree :(

  2. great picture, lovely bokeh! :)

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