January 14, 2011

Crystal Clear

As I'm running through tall green blades of grass the sun shining down on me, casting playful shadows across the ground. A slight crisp breeze floats through the air giving a refreshing break from the heat of the day. I slow my pace as I edge to the top of the hill and smile at the sight that awaits me. I give way to a moment of serenity, but then gaze upon a beautiful fountain flowing down into a pool of water. I near the pond and without a second thought I jump out into the water. It's invisible arms capture me and I am breathless. I swim away from it's grasp up to the top of the water I follow the light waiting, waiting for that air, that relief from this burning inside of me! And then in that last moment of torture I break through the top of the water and inhale that wonderful, beautiful, crystal clear air.


  1. Wow,
    Sarah that's A-mazing, It's the most beautiful poem ever. And I'm not kidding, That is lovely.
    Your B.F.F. Forever, Josey

  2. WOW Sarah,
    That poem is amazing, You are really good at writing:)
    <3 Josey

  3. Wow Sarah, LOVELY!
    You are amazing at writing poems.
    I felt like I was there, Beautiful!

    Your Best Friend Forever <3 Josey

  4. THANK YOU!! <3 I haven't been on my blog in so long to approve your comments... sorry! Yeah i was really bored one night so i just made this, it doesn't even make any sense... yup thats me! :) luv ya josey!